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  1. Thousands of men and women are busy composing drivel for you as we speak! Watch their shows and tell them u like it. U could prevent suicide

  2. Ant Man hopefully will give people meaning. We all know it won't but it least it kills two hours.

  3. Goodbye LA ! Suck on your 95 degree weather, drought and traffic. RIP.

  4. Living in LA , in the inexorable heat and sunshine. Blank canvas, no water, empty hungry eyes of people on the periphery is show biz. Fun!

  5. On a plane to Amsterdam and I can safely say I am exuding a devastating confused superiority vibe coupled with extremely low self-esteem.

  6. The LA Weather is so bad it's like a million congealed sitcom scripts.

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    PASSES FOR ARE ON SALE NOW!! Get to to get your hands on some!

    , , and 7 others
  8. Heading to Amsterdam to play July 1-4!

  9. Montreal! Less than a month until I bring Pepitone Unchained to ! 7/22-25, live Pep Talks 7/23. Tix-

  10. My fashion sense is tempered by my crippling depression.

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    . you're like if YouTube comments took human form.

  12. Anxious? Depressed? Tense? Fearful? Full of Rage? Despondent? Desperate? Shameful? Hopeless? Bereft? Suspicious? Cute? Pear-shaped? Hatless?

  13. Thing you don't want to hear in a dentist office: 1) your insurance only allows me to punch you in the mouth. 2) spit in the waiting room.

  14. Signs that things aren't going well: 1) you cry via webcam. 2) you do exorcisms in your car for pocket money. 3) you singe things.

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    "Love is the greatest virtue of the heart." - Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

  16. To Do List: 1) retreat into fantasy because of world events. 2) make a smoothie for Dr. Rosenblatt. 3) grift.

  17. LA! Doing a long set tonight at Bloodbath ! Todd Glass and Andy Kindler! promo BLOODBANK for discount!

  18. LA! Bloodbath! Tonight! $5 tix with code BLOODBATH -

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