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TV Watcher For Howard Stern Show, Former spoon collector, 1991-92 Black Lane Elementary Spelling Bee Champion

New York
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  1. Floyd Mayweather could buy Greece

  2. My response: RT The 's Big Show finally admitted his ring breaking spot with Brock Lesnar was rigged

  3. Finally watched "Kung Fury".....it's awesome:

  4. I miss Eric

  5. Breaking News: I will not be watching this season of "Big Brother"

  6. Hmmm, I don't see over 3,000 people dying from the SCOTUS ruling

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    Love is Love.

  8. Phones

  9. I will not get married until there is a non-white, homosexual Spider-Man

  10. Great trailer for "Wet Hot American Summer" on Netflix:

  11. Love the new Chemical Brothers song: "Under Neon Lights" -

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    I'm not 's lump. Sorry y'all.

  13. YES! "So You Think You Can Dance" will STILL AIR tomorrow night!!!!

  14. Happy Father's Day

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    HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu's

  16. Who knew the Smoke Monster from "Lost" was a Golf fan

  17. to - who's doing the Lord's work by editing campaign speeches like this one:

  18. TV anchor says Pixar movie "Inside Out" can help u talk to kids about emotions. This is how it was close captioned:

  19. Please Eddie Murphy....just one more movie as The Klumps.

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