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  1. "Barbara Ehrenreich is a person worth knowing, and 'Living With a Wild God' gets us as close as we are likely to get"

  2. Mona Simpson's "Casebook" "gets off to an extremely bumpy start," then slowly builds into "a genuinely moving story."

  3. Book Review's Money Issue: Chris Hayes, Chris Ware, Matt Taibbi, Dayo Olopade, "What Works for Women at Work" & more:

  4. "The weirdest books in either stack are the United States censuses of 1920 and 1930." Michael Lewis, By the Book:

  5. "The breadth, nerve and intricacy of Francine Prose's big new novel should surprise even her most regular readers."

  6. In Sunday's Book Review, an original graphic short story by Chris Ware: "Heads or Tails," about the life of a penny:

  7. "I've never felt guilty reading a book. My literary guilty pleasure is television." Michael Lewis, By the Book:

  8. Adam Begley's bio of John Updike is "an honorable book but also a slight, frictionless and oddly subdued one."

  9. Emma Donoghue's novel "Frog Music" is based on a murder in San Francisco in 1876 that was never conclusively solved.

  10. In new Bookends, Pankaj Mishra and Rivka Galchen discuss how fiction writers have approached the subject of money:

  11. "The Price of Silence" is an "exhaustive, surprisingly gripping retelling" of the Duke University lacrosse scandal.

  12. VIDEO: Tim Federle talks about "Five, Six, Seven, Nate!" and the art of writing for younger readers.

  13. "Read enough Lydia Davis and her stories start happening to you." Peter Orner reviews "Can't and Won't."

  14. Latest Crime column: new books by Donna Leon, Peter Robinson, Owen Laukkanen and Joyce Carol Oates.

  15. Slide show of new picture books, including "Stella's Starliner," about a little fox and her shiny Airstream trailer:

  16. What were the first books you felt you "should" read? Read answers by Dana Stevens & Anna Holmes, & share your own:

  17. "Damn. Another writer I have to care about." Tom Shone reviews Lawrence Osborne's "Ballad of a Small Player":

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