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    Americans really deserve this long weekend. A raise would be nice, too

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    We're looking for a writer/editor for a full-time role in Lagos and also freelancers in Nigeria. Contact editor

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    Oh that's not the *only* reason to look forward to the Denver Airport:

  4. In awe of this: Airport restaurant has space for luggage beneath the booths.

  5. Gawker Media's financials

  6. Good news for Scots, Texans, UN peacekeepers, and makers of emoji flag keyboards ()

  7. Atlas charts on Business Insider. Nice.

  8. For one, the x-axis and y-axis on this chart both represent time

  9. The world adds a leap second this week. This story explains it very clearly, but will still melt your mind

  10. "Everything you need to know about this unfolding Greek tragedy"

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    ok dustin

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    This love is contagious and inspiring.

  13. redrew our wordmark

  14. How Uber, Evernote, and LinkedIn are succeeding in China by giving the government what it wants

  15. Small plates FTW: "Why appetizers seem to taste better than the main course"

  16. "Serial" at Cannes

  17. "Inside the race to create the next generation of satellite internet"

  18. Quartz ( + ) are at and reprising the SRCCON Daily Brief

  19. Convinced this Chartbuilder issue was opened merely to troll and

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    Always a last minute tradition of mine to whip up an illustration for a 404 page -

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