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    . on how strives to be an 'ever-evolving' platform via

  2. NYT's is joining Quartz in London! :dancing-banana:

  3. Europe's demographic time bomb

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    NBD just winning a award

  5. Global average media consumption is now 8 hours, 10 minutes a day

  6. Big upside of launch for me was getting a tutorial on Fela Kuti from and last night.

  7. And that design is largely the great work of and with the help of many others.

  8. You may notice some new stuff on qz dot com today. It's not a redesign, it's continuous design :)

  9. China opens social media accounts for its internet police

  10. Excited to see what and team do with . Great set of stories to start:

  11. The new site tries to give your thumbs a rest

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    Hello, Africa! We just launched . Here's our welcome letter:

  13. We just launched Quartz Africa along with some improvements to the website

  14. Life according to Spotify suggested playlists • Reggae BBQ • Electro Hipster Workout • Farm to Table Folk and Acoustic

  15. Siri why are people talking about scoops?

  16. How a brazen and unrepentant Sepp Blatter was re-elected as FIFA’s president

  17. Heat wave in India has killed more than 1,800 people

  18. Tiffany’s effective new strategy is to make it more obvious that you are wearing Tiffany’s jewelry

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