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Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, I'm the Charlie Brown-iest.

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  1. Gonna be so weird when Emma Stone plays Yuki Ogimi in the movie.

  2. . you're so tempted to randomly suspend Russell Wilson right now aren't you

  3. I say we go for 100 and see if the scoreboard breaks.

  4. Did you write this

  5. Elaine Beneses? Elaines Benes? Elaine Benesi?

  6. Hopefully?

  7. “Local police officer who slowly comes to respect Mulder and Scully” is our country’s greatest acting role.

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    Following the NY Times on Twitter is a wild ride. - 500 Children Dead in Chinese Warehouse Collapse - Caviar Facials: Right for Your Pets?

  9. You all have an open invite to come over and play spades and eat ice cream, btw.

  10. I taught people how to play Spades today, what did you do to make the world better

  11. Almost out of margarita, please let me know if you want some ASAP

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    Pool Owner Has Bathing Suit That Touched His Penis You Can Borrow

  13. You think President Whitmore tried to get a third term or did Robert Loggia snag the nomination?

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    This isn't potato salad

  15. Garton-Angela JJ-Melanie Brian-The Predator Boxcar Slim-Angela

  16. “Punchable face” is a meaningless descriptor. All faces are punchable except this one.

  17. Imagine my dismay.

  18. No.

  19. On behalf of BYU, Army, and 2/5 of Notre Dame, we wish you all a Happy Independents Day.

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